The Daily Front Row August 2015

Precision Pilates

(August 2015)
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What prompted the opening of your East Hampton studio?
When I had my bounding, joyful, curious children, I knew they needed a place like the Hamptons to spend time outdoors in nature. At the same time, most of our clients were coming out east and were begging for our method to be here. They couldn’t find something comparable. I found my house and also found our beautiful studio space in the same year, so it all grew from there. It’s such a beautiful place to live and my staff is all so happy to join our clients out east every year to continue their progress in the studio. We now are open year-round as well.

How does your approach differ from traditional Pilates?
Our sessions are fully customized to each client. We never do a generic routine. We evaluate clients for weaknesses and faulty biomechanics and then create specific programming that will truly change their bodies. To do this we pull from the full range of Pilates mat and apparatus exercises as well as drawing on functional training, sports conditioning, yoga, Klein, Franklin, Feldenkrais, stretching, foam rolling and specific visual and hands on cueing. By doing this we can really correct patterns in people’s bodies that cause problem areas and get them out of their dominant muscles to create truly graceful, lean, healthy bodies. You can’t achieve this with classical Pilates or group toning or dance. Our instructors are highly educated to create these body changing results.

What are the best Pilates moves to hone your beach bod?
Single-Leg Bridge is a great exercise because it works your legs, butt, and stomach. My favorite exercise is Knee Stretches (Knee Hovers) which challenges the abs, arms, and core even more. Exercises like these are great for slim legs and a flat belly. (I can provide descriptions and pics if you’d like.)

What kind of services do you offer in the Hamptons?
We offer our signature custom Erika Bloom Method Pilates sessions. This is our most popular service. We also do duet sessions. These are done in studio on the apparatus. You can also book these as in-home sessions throughout the Hamptons. We believe in coordinating wellness for a holistic approach so we also offer acupuncture, rolfing, and yoga.

What’s your favorite way to exercise when you’re not in the studio?
I love playing in the backyard with my children. We also swim in the ocean as often as possible. The salt water is so healing and swimming is such a good work out. I do my own Erika Bloom Method Pilates practice at home at night as well. I can’t live without it!

Erika talks about her Method, her successful East Hampton studio, and her go-to summer moves with The Daily.