Events and Retreats

Live Virtual Classes 

Join us in our weekly live virtual classes on Erika Bloom Digital and practice Erika Bloom Method from home, while you travel, and anywhere in the world. Click the button below to view our upcoming live class schedule with Erika and our expert instructors.

Erika Bloom Wellness Collective x Round Hill Resort

Join our expert practioners in Montego Bay, Jamaica for restorative movement and body work sessions at Round Hill Resort. Each Erika Bloom Wellness session experience brings calm, connection, and renewal through breath-centered movement, somatic connection, and practices to rebalance all systems while immersed in nature at the serene Round Hill Resort along the Caribbean shoreline.

November 20 – November 27 2023 with Brigitte Alcantara

January 9th – 16th 2024 with Laure Seguin

February 13th – 20th 2024 with Dr. Katrina Rinne

March 12th – 19th 2024 with Caroline Albonetti

April 2nd – 9th 2024 with Rashia Bell

May 21st-28th with Rostislac Toporski

The Immersion Experience led by Erika Bloom 

Virtual | October 21st – November 8th 2024

Embark on your journey to profound personal transformation and lasting lifestyle change. The immersion is a retreat into your personal wellness, unfolding over three weeks in an intimate group virtual setting led by Erika Bloom.

The Immersion Includes:

9 Live Immersion Sessions
We meet Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 12:30 PM EST. Each session will include a blend of Erika Bloom Method guided movement, breathwork, mindfulness, journaling practices, and group discussion.

A Personalized Movement Prescription
Based on an analysis of your unique biomechanics, posture, and nutritional needs, Erika will customize practices for your personal growth and will teach you how to utilize the digital library to tailor a daily regimen of movement practices to support your unique body.

Community Healing 
Experience a nurturing group environment that fosters deep insight, learning, understanding, and collective transformation.

By reconnecting with your body’s natural movement, learning to implement small daily habits, and fostering deep internal awareness, this program will lead you to achieve a balanced body and lasting change. Whether you seek a long-desired shift or are simply curious about what it would be to live fully at home in your body, we invite you to join this small group for profound healing.