Events and Retreats

The Advanced Practice Series 

erikabloomdigital | October 2nd – November 20th 2024

This series is designed for those ready to challenge their bodies at an intermediate and advanced level. Unfolding over eight weeks with six live virtual sessions, you will be guided by Erika Bloom and her expert instructors as you learn advanced Pilates movements, such as Star and Corkscrew, building upon the fundamentals of your practice. As you learn to embody nuanced, complex, full-body movements, this series will bring you to a new level in your mind, body, and daily practice.

Please note, this class series is not appropriate for individuals with osteoporosis, joint replacements, pregnancy, postpartum, or diastasis.

Erika Bloom Wellness Collective at Round Hill Resort

Montego Bay, Jamaica | monthly visiting practioners

Join our expert practioners each month at Round Hill Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica for restorative movement and body work sessions. Each Erika Bloom Wellness session brings calm, connection, and renewal through breath-centered movement, somatic connection, and practices to rebalance all systems while immersed in nature at the serene Round Hill Resort along the Caribbean shoreline.

Erika Bloom Wellness Collective at Amanyara 

Turks and Caicos | year-round availability

Experience the Erika Bloom Method with our expert instructors at our Turks and Caicos studio at Amanyara. Each private session is a highly personalized and somatic approach to caring for your body. At the start of each session, your instructor conducts a full body read and assessment to identify any misalignments or dysfunction and customizes your programming according to your unique needs and goals. Through purposeful movement and breath, each session focuses on body alignment, beautiful muscle tone and strength, repatterning, myofascial release, proper joint support, and fascial tensegrity through all ranges of motion. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, more alive, and more at ease within your body while experiencing the peaceful ambiance of Amanyara in Turks and Caicos.

The Private Retreat Experience 

Tribeca Studio or at location of your choice

This is a private retreat custom curated for you, to meet your unique needs and preferences. Your retreat can be any number of days, with a choice of half or full days. Together, we will create a balanced and rejuvenating retreat experience for your body and mind, selecting from our full menu of 1:1 healing movement, bodywork, and wellness sessions with our expert practioners. Based on your intention for the retreat, we bring together modalities and practioners to fully support you. Sessions may include Erika Bloom Method Essential Movement, GYROTONIC®, Lympathic Drainage, Acupuncture, Structural Integration, Guided Emotional Freedom Technique, Zero Balancing, Human Design,  Meditation, Hypnosis, Breathwork, Sound Healing, and more. Reset with your retreat within our beautiful Tribeca space or a location of your choice.

To view a sample retreat itinerary, click here. To schedule or inquire, please e-mail

The Immersion Experience led by Erika Bloom 

erikabloomdigital | November 3rd – 21st 2025

Embark on your journey to profound personal transformation and lasting lifestyle change. The immersion is a retreat into your personal wellness, unfolding over three weeks in an intimate group virtual setting led by Erika Bloom. The Immersion includes nine live sessions, a personalized movement prescription from Erika, and a committed, healing community.

By reconnecting with your body’s natural movement, learning to implement small daily habits, and fostering deep internal awareness, this program will lead you to achieve a balanced body and lasting change. Whether you seek a long-desired shift or are simply curious about what it would be to live fully at home in your body, we invite you to join this small group for profound healing.