Erika Bloom Pilates is known for its superior movement instructors, trained with an eye for detail and ability to custom tailor focused and effective sessions for every client type. Through our certification and continuing education courses, we aim to train exceptional instructors and hone new talent for the therapeutic movement world.

The Erika Bloom Comprehensive Certification Program

The Comprehensive Pilates Certification grants participants a complete 600+ hour Pilates mat and apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel) certification along, including our signature Advanced Therapeutic Practitioner Program. You will graduate the program as a fully Certified Pilates Instructor but also as a Certified Advanced Therapeutic Practitioner.

Our program will provide you with in-depth knowledge of both the classical and contemporary exercises as well as additional information that is typically only found through continuing education courses. You will graduate with the tools and inspiration to teach your clients to master the exercises, change their bodies, and improve their health.

The lecture portion will take place at our Manhattan flagship, a hybrid of evenings and weekends. They are taught by a roster of our senior instructors, special guest subject matter experts, and Erika Bloom herself.

Basic anatomy knowledge (Required reading text: The Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain,
Anatomy Trains by Tom Meyers)
Minimum 20 hours of previous Pilates training, includes both mat and apparatus
A love of Pilates and an open mind

Starting October 2021. A syllabus will be provided upon request.

Cost: $8000

We’re now accepting applications! To learn more and apply, please reach out to our Education Director at

Advanced Therapeutic Practitioner Certification 

Our Advanced Therapeutic Practitioner Program certification is designed for previously certified Pilates instructors seeking professional advancement to build upon their therapeutic teaching skills. Practitioners will be trained in our signature Erika Bloom Method, with an approach informed by Barteneiff, Feldenkrais, structural integration, Franklin, and somatic therapy.

They will hone their skills in regard to addressing postural imbalances, touch cues, manual adjustments, body reading, fascial rolling, and special populations protocols. Following the completion of the program, practitioners will have an advanced ability to create specialized programming for clients.

Topics covered in the program include: Biomechanics and Muscle Anatomy Applied to Pilates-Based Movement, Facial Lines and Body Reading, Creating Therapeutic and Corrective Programming, & Special Populations Protocols.

Cost: $4700

To learn more and apply, please reach out to our Education Director at

Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship

This scholarship is a chance for to broaden the Pilates industry standard with an intentional focus on the underrepresentation of people of color in the Pilates community; and to promote both diversity and inclusion in our teaching spaces & community.

This scholarship is for either our full Comprehensive Certification Program (valued at $8000) or our Advanced Therapeutic Training Program (valued at $4700).

Application ProcessIf you’re interested in our certification and would like to be considered for full scholarship, please reach out to