Erika Bloom Consulting

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Hotel consulting

Erika consults for hotel brands and their spas who are seeking to offer an elevated wellness experience to their guests.

Her work has grown hotel bookings as guests seek out the highest quality of practitioners and healing experiences for their choice of stay.

Within a spa menu, Erika refines services like massages into full wellness treatments using a blend of evidence-based modern healing and Eastern techniques.

She also aides in wellness program creation and advising, assisting with hiring and/or placing practitioners, and evaluating practitioners, as well as installing an Erika Bloom Wellness branded spa or Pilates movement studio, such as her location at Amanyara resort in Turks and Caicos. In addition, she offers hotel retreat creation and programming or hosting a retreat with Erika and her Wellness Collective practitioners.

Speaking Engagements, Podcasts and Writing

Erika is available for speaking engagements, podcasts and authoring articles upon request.

She has spoken at Robb Report Health and Wellness Conference, Goop, The Wellery at Sak’s. She’s a frequent guest on podcasts such as 33 Voices, Holo Health and Well Aware.

Erika speaks on a variety of wellness matters including: Using nutrition to manage autoimmune disease; The benefits of mindful movement; The importance of fascial balance and fascial health for sports and athlete; The key components of a balanced healthy lifestyle that supports wellness; and How to make your own wellness journey contagious to your children and your whole family by leading by example. She also offers workshops on postpartum recovery and diastasis, somatic movement for stress relief and health, the importance of proper biomechanics and breathing, foot health and postural correction.

As a wellness author, Erika has been featured in Well and Good, Greatist, Mind Body Green, The Purist, Social Life and A Wild Dove.

Program Evaluation

Erika believes every exercise method should support proper human functionality and the way we have evolved to move.
An anatomist and biomechanist, Erika is an expert in musculoskeletal and fascial anatomy, human movement, alignment and proper joint function.

During an evaluation, she will help you fine tune your method, and review class structure as well as your full program.
Erika will determine that the exercise method is comprehensive and complete in moving the body through all ranges of motion, balances strength and flexibility and can be practiced safely by the full range of your clientele.

She ensures nothing within the exercise program would cause repetitive or acute injury, rather the exercises support injury prevention.

Erika also provides strategies for your trainers for modifying the exercises and the method for various client conditions and assists with cue and correction guidance for each exercise for your staff training program.

To book an inquiry meeting with Erika, please e-mail