Access our thoughtful, attentive and detailed videos from healing movement and nutrition to meditation and sleep.

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Discover a comprehensive video library serving as a roadmap to connect the dots in your overall wellness with offerings in Essential Movement, Restorative Movement, Nutrition, Meditation, Wellness, with the full support of what each day should be.

New content will be shared through pre-recorded video as well as live practices that will grant the opportunity to interact with Erika and her team of highly trained practitioners. You can also expect to hear from top holistic wellness experts during our special guest lectures.


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Working with Erika Bloom has transformed the way I think of my body and how I feel in it. Erika is a gifted teacher and communicator. She is a kind motivator and a natural leader. She’s incredibly well versed in anatomy. Erika gets results, while maintaining your body’s health. — Emmy Rossum

Our Practices

Essential Movement

Be guided into whole body healing movement that will rebalance and repattern you, as you strengthen, lengthen and tone.

Restorative Movement

Experience nourishing movement to restore your body, restructure your fascia, release stress, nurture your nervous system, prepare you for sleep, and beyond.


Erika shares her practices and tools for healthy and mindful eating based on an intuition and food as medicine approach.

Meditation Mindfulness


Learn to observe, listen and let go through practices intended to cultivate deeper presence in your life and provide specific states of healing.


Erika and the world's other leading experts will discuss self-care wellness rituals that support you all throughout your day and into sleep.

Live: Essential Movement

Join us for our Live: Essential Movement Classes. You can also access the recordings of the live classes in the on demand video library.