Frequently Asked Questions – Postpartum Membership

The Postpartum FAQ

When is a good time to start this membership?

If you’re a new mother or have recently experienced a miscarriage or abortion, you can join once you’ve been cleared by your doctor.

If I’m a few years postpartum is the membership right for me?

Postpartum care is a lifelong practice and we welcome women in every stage of life. You can heal your diastasis recti, restore your pelvic floor, and strengthen your deep core at any point in your life. It doesn’t have to be right after childbirth. 

I can’t decide to choose between The Membership and The Postpartum Membership!

Both memberships are beneficial and safe for mothers and provide pelvic floor and deep core cueing. 

While The Membership is postpartum safe, The Postpartum Membership is 100% focused on providing holistic care tailored specifically for mothers. We encourage you to continue the postpartum practices for as long as you need. If you have diastisis recti, we recommend you stay with The Postpartum Membership until it is healed before moving on to The Membership. The Membership offers weekly live classes whereas the Postpartum Membership is an all encompassing video library.

We recommend choosing both for double the content, the most expansive video library, and more time with the Erika Bloom team.

I’m loving the membership and am looking to take the work even deeper. 

For additional personalized care and support, we have both virtual and in-person private sessions available. To sign up for a private session, click here.

How do I view The Content?

To get started, we recommend using a computer to access the videos and classes as it offers the best quality and user experience.  

The Erika Bloom Website:  Our video library is organized into specific areas such as Postpartum Movement, Wellness, Restorative Movement, Meditation, and Live Movement. You will be prompted to sign-in between videos. 

The Mindbody Website: You can also access videos through the Mindbody Website or Mindbody App. To view the Video Library, select the “Postpartum Video Library” Tab. Sign up for our live classes by clicking on the “Live PostpartumClasses” tab. 

 Extra Tip! Favoriting Videos: You can favorite a video by clicking the heart icon located on the bottom right underneath the video. Once a class has been favorited, there will be a “Favorites section” when you login using the Mindbody Website. 

What’s the cancellation policy?

Our memberships automatically renew until you cancel. The cancellation will be applied to your next billing period. We require a written notice to cancel your membership at least 5 days before the next billing date.To cancel your membership, please email

Do I need any gym equipment or props?

Our classes are designed to be done in-home. Some classes utilize props such as the theraband, hand weights, and a small ball. Our Movement Kit was designed to complement the online memberships. 

I have additional questions about my membership.

Please reach out to our desk at