Be guided into a new way of moving and caring for your body after giving birth.

$150 per month or $360 for 3 months

The Postpartum Membership offers a video library of classes to strengthen your core muscles, restore and access deeper breathing, improve posture, learn curative self massage, recover from diastasis recti and c-section, tone and reconnect to your pelvic floor, and holistically care for yourself as a new mother.

You are invited to connect with our community of new moms during 4 live weekly classes led by Erika and her highly trained team. Each live class includes an interactive Q&A to support your holistic postpartum recovery.

Live practices are added to the video library for you to view at any time convenient to your life.

Erika Bloom Method is beneficial for all new mothers, with our practices created to be done easily as you take care of your baby, and will empower your experience as a mama, while encouraging you to mother yourself in the process.

We recommend a 6 month commitment postpartum as you reestablish your body’s new patterns and strength before transitioning into The Membership, or as indicated by Erika.

When you provide your body with the proper foundation postpartum, you will make the right physical connections to move forward and strengthen with integrity.

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Our Practices

Postpartum Movement

Be guided into nourishing and strengthening practices that will repattern your diaphragm, transverse abdominus and pelvic floor to create healing synergy and restore how your core should be working after birth. As you discover how to embody this new patterning in alignment conscious movement, you will empower and reintegrate your whole body to feel your best post pregnancy and as a mom. All practices, unless indicated, will also be corrective and healing for diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Restorative Postpartum Movement

Mother yourself through motherhood with deeply nurturing feel-good practices designed to address specific body needs and soreness from giving birth and caring for your baby. Restore your body with sweet, healing movement and recover with care. Practices include diastasis recti correction and pelvic floor therapeutics to self care for feeding time and postpartum massage including c-section recovery.

Postpartum Wellness

Erika shares knowledge and considerations around your own self care. She believes postpartum wellness is based in replenishment and in finding what feeds and supports you. She includes a healing bone broth recipe, tips on restoring and supporting hormones postpartum such as creating a non-toxic home and skin-care routine through removing endocrine disruptors, as well as interviews with postpartum wellness' leading experts.

Postpartum Meditation

Experience supportive guidance and the space for inner reflection to nurture your own mindfulness and ability to practice presence through mothering. These practices can be time for the self or listened to as you are taking care of your baby.

Live: Postpartum Movement

Join us for our Live: Postpartum Movement Classes. You can also access the recordings of the live classes in the on demand video library.