Erika Bloom Method Private Session

An Erika Bloom Method private session blends her signature healing movement on Pilates apparatus and hands-on structural integration to offer a full body workout, creating a balanced architecture that moves with ease.

WIthin each individualized session, Erika draws from a wealth of healing modalities and specialties including postpartum care and diastasis correction, scoliosis care, and biomechanics for pain management.

Whether you need repatterning, stretching, releasing or strengthening, you will be guided into slow, purposeful movements that are truly challenging to create length, tone, strength and function that comes from proper joint support, deep core engagement and fascial tensegrity through all ranges of motion.

As you align and connect breath to body, wake up your senses, nurture your nervous and digestive systems, circulate your lymph and blood flow, and mindfully use your muscles as they have evolved to function, you will connect more deeply to yourself.

This somatic approach begets a constant conversation with your body’s inherent healing abilities and allows you to live in a fully embodied present-moment state and experience whole body harmony.

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Mentoring and Diagnostics

If you’re a trainer or Pilates instructor and need support around a client’s condition, you can schedule time with Erika and your client. You will receive her assistance of a body read and evaluation of your client to understand the underlying imbalances and movement patterns that are contributing to any issue. Erika then provides the tools, through exercises and hands on guidance, to move the client forward into healing.

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Erika’s nutrition philosophy is rooted in her belief of food as medicine, nourishment and joy.

Her bioindividual care will help you change your relationship to food and your body so that you become self-sufficient around eating and stay connected to what you need in a meal, in a day, in a month, in a season, throughout your life.

As you are guided into balance and ease around nutrition, hunger and cravings, you will experience a lasting lifestyle change that leads to glowing skin, better sleep, better digestion, better fertility, healthier joints, and feeling and looking good.

Erika’s method begins with initial dietary shifts based on blood work and a food diary to determine how your body responds to foods, vitamin and nutrient levels and what foods are needed to restore and optimize your wellbeing, lower inflammation and reach your ideal body composition.

With this science-informed approach, Erika shifts the way your body metabolizes and accesses fat, optimizing calorie burn and keeping insulin levels stable throughout the day so you don’t ever feel like you’re restricting or dieting.

Erika offers constant daily communication via text messages throughout the program around what you’re eating, your physical and emotional feelings about food, and what is working. She coordinates with chefs and even offers support with ordering at restaurants.

As you progress, you will return to blood work to look at vitamin and mineral balance for absorption, signs of intestinal inflammation or inflammatory markers, and cholesterol levels in order to provide further information about what’s happening in the body and what needs to shift.

Much of Erika’s nutrition work surrounds autoimmune conditions and preventing chronic disease, where she helps implement the autoimmune protocol diet to find holistic balance to allow the body to heal itself.

$6,000 per month with a 2 month commitment.

Diastasis Safe Movement

Diastasis Recti is the common separation of the rectus andominis that can occur from pregnancy. With the birth of her first child, Erika had a large diastasis which she discovered she could self-heal. She learned the most important exercise you can do to heal this separation is to learn how to breathe with your diaphragm, connecting to your pelvic floor and transversus andominis.

In our Diastasis Safe Movement program you’ll learn therapeutic movements and breath work to restore your core connection, tone deep core muscles, improve posture, and access deeper breathing. Our Erika Bloom Method based movement therapy is beneficial for all mothers, at any stage of their postpartum journey, to create a deeper connection with your body and breath.

This program includes one month of the Postpartum Digital Membership and five private sessions with an Erika Bloom Method Instructor. and six live Diastasis Recti Safe Movement practices with Erika and her team.

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Scoliosis Safe Movement

The Erika Bloom Method Instructors are all trained and experienced in working therapeutically with your scoliosis. Erika developed this program in her studios after having experienced her own scoliosis healing through improving her alignment and recruiting the correct muscle groups.

Our Scoliosis Safe Movement program will help you understand your own unique posture and spinal alignment. We will explore specific adjustments to make, re-pattern your neuromuscular connections and rebalance fascia lines.

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Autoimmune Support

Founded in Erika’s personal journey with healing her own autoimmune disease and working with clients for more than a decade, the Autoimmune Support program will give you tools and guide you into a deeper understanding of how to nourish your own body.

We will look at healing foods, sleep, stress and holistic movement for an integrative approach to living with autoimmune disease.

This personalized program includes a one-hour Virtual Essential Movement Session consisting of healing movement, lifestyle and nutritional guidance; a one hour private session with a Chinese Medicine expert, and an Erika Bloom Method Membership to continue your daily self-care.

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Work Privately with Erika Bloom

Be guided by Erika into a deeper understanding of what your individualized wellness looks like and how healing movement, nutrition and self-care fit into the complete picture of your life. 

This ongoing program includes two weekly private virtual sessions focused on movement and gaining knowledge about your own wellbeing, as well as additional holistic support and conversation with Erika throughout.

During each session, Erika will restore your body’s natural mechanics, proper joint function and fascial tensegrity to help your body integrate other forms of movement from swimming to long distance trail running. 

As a trained and passionate body worker, Erika will also help you discover and unravel what you may be holding in your bones and soft tissues and what needs to be released. Through fascia and neuromuscular repatterning, you will embody greater balance, strength, ease and anatomical alignment.

From her many certifications and extensive experience with bodies, Erika also specializes in creating healing within the conditions of pelvic floor connection, postpartum, diastasis recti, prenatal, osteoporosis, post-surgical, post-injury, injury prevention and breath-centered scoliosis care. 

Monthly investment is $6,000.

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